I fted yesterday dark. After having some noodles, I want to go to WC. I walked outside for some steps. But step by step, I felt more and more exhausted. Ft, that’s what happened at that time. I came back after 2 or 3 mins. Sat for a while. Go back home and sleep. Thanks to Janny. He took care of me all the time. Sincere friend is somebody like him.

After this ft, I analysed that sleep is a so important thing that I should abey the biological clock. I slept less that 2 hours sleep the day before yesterday. Also, these days, I spent so many powers in moving house for my colleague, organizing activities of my department and so on and so forth.

I applied for half a day holiday and went to hosp. After examinations, doctor told me nothing wrong with chest, where I was hurt. This is a good news, isn’t it. So I dinnered some friends with xiaoma in haidilao. I paid 666 rmb, a lucky number.


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